High Potential Program (HIPP™)

Eleven Twenty’s HiPP™offering identifies and develops high potential next generation talent and provides that talent to our clients as their future business analysis and project management leaders.

Our clients leverage our HiPP™ consultants via flexible consulting arrangements, contract-to-hire scenarios, or through direct hire.

Utilizing our local tier one recruiting teams, our proprietary critical behavior recruiting approach and custom training solutions, we find, qualify, and prepare the best and the brightest to succeed in our client's environment.

What is High Potential?

Eleven Twenty HiPP™ candidates are selected based on their ability to understand, anticipate, and deliver what our clients require to succeed. The key attributes we're looking for:


Our Process

Start with top local graduates by leveraging:

  • Strong relationships with local campuses.
  • Strong network of recent graduates.

Put them in a position to succeed through:

  • Professional consultant training.
  • Client-specific orientation and customized training.
  • Providing experience across a variety of roles.

Provide continuous improvement and support:

  • Mentoring and assessment program run by Eleven Twenty.
  • Managing non-performers.


Skill Alignment
Supplements entry-level gaps so senior-level talent can focus on advanced tasks.
Provides the perfect solution for resolving a top-heavy resource mix.

Entry Level Talent Pipeline
Serves as an ongoing source for entry-level business and technology roles.
Provides a talent pipeline specific to each client/project/center.

Cost Savings
With high-potential new talent on board, you can ensure that higher-paid, senior-level resources are used only in roles aligned to their advanced experience.

  • Optimum blend of resources at various rates/pay scales reduces and aligns overall project costs.
  • Eleven Twenty ensures top talent at reasonable prices.
  • Flexible arrangements.