Information Technology

Top organizations use technology to maximize efficiencies, innovate new products and services, improve customer/member/constituent experience and ultimately, deliver shareholder value.

Our technology consultants serve a variety of roles on client projects.  Eleven Twenty provides ex big four leaders, data experts and senior or specialized development experts to your technology teams.  Additionally, when called upon, we will provide top network and infrastructure talent.

Our consultants serve in the following project roles:

Agile Scrum Master

Our expert Scrum Masters are ready to either plug in directly with an already high-performing team or help maturing organizations to build a more agile-inspired product development culture. Our consultants are adaptable and pragmatic in their use of agile practices and understand the need to tailor methodologies to meet the unique needs of each organization.


Eleven Twenty offers a variety of expert consultants with system design and architecture backgrounds.  IT architects are usually asked to work across many domains (e.g. infrastructure, data, applications) but the following are areas of specialization that we commonly fill for our clients.

Enterprise architects:  Usually working within a larger organizations, enterprise architects lead the top most strategic thinking and evangelization around platform direction and standardization and ensuring tight alignment with the objectives of the business.  TOGAF and similar certifications are common and we look specifically for people who we think have the requisite soft skills to succeed in this sort of leadership role.

Integration architects:  Building a technology ecosystem requires that platforms and applications are working together with peak efficiency and quality.  Our integration architects are experts at every layer of an integration stack and stay up to date on the ever evolving cutting edges in this space.

Data architects:  Whether you're building a data warehouse, a standalone database, or trying to integrate two systems at the data layer we have experts who can help lead, design and deliver data-centric projects and solutions.

Solution architects:  Many organizations assign a list of projects or systems to an architect and charge him/her with the responsibility to manage all aspects of the technical design and roadmapping for that portfolio.  These professionals usually need to be skilled across an array of disciplines but depending on the organization or area may specialize in one or two of them.

Application architects:  These experts are deepest in application-layer integration best practices and design patterns.  They are able to balance an array of competing demands such as performance, security and maintainability to deliver applications that deliver value and will stand the test of time.

Data Analyst

Our data analysts, modelers or miners work with you to ensure your organization’s vital information is being used most efficiently to allow your team to make informed strategic decisions.

Product Manager

Product Management is a discipline that typically relies on a hybrid skillset. Not only must the Product Manager have the ability to understand the problem space or domain, they must also be conversant in the technologies being used and have the ability to understand and prioritize the needs of the business and the value propositions being put forth. Our leadership has specific expertise in this area and guides our recruiting efforts to target the best individuals in the market.

Technical Strategist

Our IT strategists work with your executive team to achieve greater shareholder value from IT spend.  Eleven Twenty technical strategists typically have CIO-level experience and will work with your team to develop big picture plans that improve results.

Other Technical Roles

Eleven Twenty is able to serve the many unique needs of our clients.  We have supported key ERP roles, network and infrastructure and “hard to find” specialist roles.