Merger Integration

Merger events are constructed with one objective in mind: shareholder value.  Yet, many experts believe that most efforts fail to deliver expected results.  That is often because:

  1. Most merger events impact every aspect of the company, causing conflicting objectives for managers and employees.
  2. Adequate resource planning is not completed.
  3. Processes are not clear.
  4. Communication is weak.
  5. Change is not managed.

Eleven Twenty’s merger integration experts are ready to help you maximize shareholder value for your organization while ensuring the employee impacts are not neglected. Our experts have worked on some of the most complex efforts across industries and around the world.

Our consultants are focused on:

Integration milestone / event planning
Our team members work with your staff to develop a blueprint plan for the key merger integration events, including impacts, key risks, dates and key accountabilities.

Merger program and project management
Working with your merger leaders to manage the people, process and technology integration program across the enterprise or for specific business units or sub units.

Merger organizational change management and people planning
In many cases, the employee asset is neglected or poorly managed during a merger event.  We believe it is very important to complete a comprehensive inventory of employee needs and integration activities. Our organizational change management consultants will work with you to develop a comprehensive change readiness plan.

Process integration
We will provide your team with process expertise to assess existing processes from the impacted organizations and determine the best approach for integration (e.g., best-of-breed or single-source). Our process experts can support documentation of processes that are not documented.